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Amphenol Fiber Systems: Teaming with MEP to Speed Innovation

  • 12-28-2013
  • Categorized in: Lean

As manufacturers in the U.S. strive to compete and grow in the face of international competition, the ability to innovate quickly is often a key to success. Amphenol Fiber Systems International (AFSI) is a manufacturing and engineering contractor that has enhanced its ability to innovate by drawing on the expertise of the local Manufacturing Extension Program (MEP), in this case TMAC, and the local community college, Collin College.

AFSI provides fiber-optics connectors and cable assemblies that can withstand demanding or harsh operating environments, as well as product support, from its facility in Allen, Texas, which employs about 150 people.

Already possessing a formidable product-development program, AFSI sought to further improve its ability to innovate by applying lean management. Following a rigorous review of the company’s product-development process, detailed data was input into the Jump Start Merwyn Technology assessment instrument. This system is used to evaluate abstract ideas before substantial time is spent on them. Results included a schedule, risk plan, and a spreadsheet showing costs, required parts, and a preliminary design checklist, according to TMAC.

This endeavor led to a more structured approach to product development. Engineers think about projects differently. New designs are tracked in more detail, on a more logical schedule. AFSI’s previous system was capable of capturing and displaying data, but through this new lean product development process, management learns of and addresses issues. Projects reach the go-or-no-go stage quicker, which ultimately leads to new products reaching the market faster. 

The results have been quantifiable. Initial cost savings totaled $158,000. On-time delivery improved to 91%. All staff received training, which also was helpful in streamlining product development.

AFSI is part of Connecticut-based Amphenol Corporation, of the world’s largest makers of interconnect products. The parent company was founded in 1932, and serves markets including information technology, mobile devices and networks, broadband, military and aerospace, as well as industrial.

The MEP program, as described by manufacturers in many industries around the country, is an example of a federal government program that works very well. To learn more about MEP, visit