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Hyundai: The 5 Keys to Automotive Success in America



As the U.S. emerged from the deep recession, Hyundai Motor Manufacturing helped pace the auto industry’s comeback in North America. How Hyundai has achieved and contributed so much is a Great Manufacturing Story. 

The firm’s first key to success was becoming an American automaker, rather than simply shipping vehicles here. Hyundai invested $1.7 billion in their highly advanced assembly plant that employs 2,500 team members in Montgomery, Alabama. The company also has R&D facilities in California and Michigan, and a headquarters and test track in California, as well as its distribution centers. By demonstrating its commitment to the U.S. market, consumers knew Hyundai was committed for the long haul. Today, more than half of the cars Hyundai sells in this country are made here.

The second factor has been quality and reliability. Hyundai has received honors for product quality and backs up its cars with an industry-leading warranty.

Product design is a third key to the company’s success in North America. Hyundai understands the importance of combining quality with styling. The Sonata and the Elantra, which was named North American Car of the Year, were designed in California.

The fourth key to Hyundai’s U.S. success is their vehicles’ value and fuel economy. Thanks to their inspired workforce and state-of-the-art production facilities, Hyundai is able to deliver quality, fuel-efficient vehicles at very competitive prices. The company is devoted to developing and rewarding its workforce.

Last yet not least, the fifth key to Hyundai’s growth and success is its ability to stay flexible to anticipate and respond to market opportunities. This capability traces back not only to its workforce, but also to decisions made early on to allow them to produce different vehicles on the same assembly line, and to continue enhancing their plants, as with the $173 million expansion of an engine shop in Montgomery.

The results speak for themselves. Sales have risen substantially. Product reviews are strong. Additionally, restyled models of Sonata, Santa Fe and Tucson just arrived this autumn. Hyundai operations support – directly and indirectly – 94,000 jobs in the U.S. It all adds up to a success story that is benefiting consumers while having a positive economic impact on the U.S. economy.