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Sports Attack: Product Quality with High Heat


If you ever took baseball batting practice against a pitching machine back in the 1970s or 1980s, you might be surprised at how much the machines have improved over the years. That is especially evident when viewing the machines that Sports Attack manufactures in Verdi, Nevada, which is outside of Reno.

The pitching machines of yesteryear were clumsy, easily broken, and not very representative of live pitching. Those problems have been addressed at Sports Attack by a product design team with experience coaching and playing baseball.

So when developing the Hack Attack and Junior Hack Attack machines they started with the end in mind. They have continued to improve the machines, too, with new features introduced for 2015.

Pitch location can be changed with the turn of a small handle. The introduction of a third wheel allows the machines to operate more smoothly and reliably. With a simple adjustment, the machine can shoot fungos for outfield practice. Computer controls allow for programming a sequence of fastballs, breaking pitches, and change ups. Hitters can face the same speed fastballs that they’ll see during live game action.

Not surprisingly, today’s improved machines are used in amateur leagues, high school and college ball, professional baseball, and in Japan.

But baseball and softball are not the only sports that can benefit from the company’s machines. Sports Attack has also introduced machines for soccer, tennis, football, and volleyball.

The football machine, for example, employs a universal cradle that positions the ball for passing, punting, kick-offs, and snapping. Passes, punts, and kickoffs can be sent to any spot on the gridiron. Holders and punters can practice catching bad snaps. Aluminum throwing wheel guards protect the hands of players and coaches. There is no waiting for the machine to reset, thanks to two independently operating motors. Equally impressive, the machine arrives ready for use, with no assembly required.

Sports Attack is owned by four founder/partners, two men and two men. The firm makes the machines in Nevada, and ships them around the United States and internationally.