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Talan Products: Employee Involvement Key to Company Culture


Talan Products is a highly respected metal-stamping and metal-forming company with about 55 employees on the west side of Cleveland. Founded in 1986, Talan now operates 24 presses, and specializes in providing defect-free stamped metal parts with tight tolerances at high-volume production rates for customers in the fastener, building products, hardware, appliance, defense and automotive markets.  

The company is passionate about hearing from their company’s employees on a broad range of topics. Twice each year, Talan holds a series of CEO Roundtable meetings where small groups of eight to ten employees can discuss any topic with Peplin. Enough meetings are scheduled so that every employee has a chance to participate in each round of meetings. 

The roundtables have yielded constructive suggestions ranging from matters related to products and processes to employee training and the company culture. Equally important, employees value the opportunity to share ideas and simply to be heard. Given the company’s Design for Manufacturability philosophy, the meetings help ensure that valuable input from the plant floor does not go unheard.

In today’s manufacturing environment, companies like Talan Products that engage their workforce through programs like the CEO Roundtables are making full use of their valuable human resources.