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They Make the Equipment that Makes the Candy


Everyone knows that some of the best candy in the world is made at American companies like Sees, Malley’s, Lammes, and dozens of other regional and national brands. But here is a question that far fewer people can answer: Who makes the equipment that makes the candy?

Savage Brothers is a small manufacturing company in Elk Grove Village, a suburb west of Chicago. The company has been making candy-making and baking equipment for 150 years. Its products run the gamut of stainless steel melters, chocolate molding workstations, tabletop chocolate small-batch tempering machine, copper kettles, portable agitators, cream extruders, icing melters, cooling tables, and even boxed chocolate packers. 

What is your personal favorite type of candy?  Savage manufactures processing equipment for caramel, toffee, fudge, nougat, brittle, and other varieties of sweets. Many of their machines that are now in use were first manufactured 30 to 60 years ago. Savage maintains supplies of parts to keep that equipment humming for years to come.

The same family that founded the company in 1855 owned it continuously until 1976, when the firm was sold to the current ownership group.

Thanks to diversification, the company also now serves industries such as candle-making, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. In late 2015, the company expanded its space by combining two buildings, and adding additional square footage. The renovated space includes a new demonstration room and space for customer recipe testing.

The next time you visit your favorite candy-maker, check out the equipment they use to make it. There is a good chance you will see some Savage Brothers equipment in their kitchen.