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Wilson Electronics: Boosting Signal Strength


As reliable cellular communication has become increasingly important to businesses, government, and consumers, the demand for signal boosters, antennas and related applications has grown considerably. Wilson Electronics, based in St. George, Utah, is the top-selling producer in this industry, and was honored in September, 2013 with a Manufacturing Best Practices Award by the Utah Manufacturers Association.

Wilson implemented an array of process improvements over the past year, with impressive results. For example, the creation of a single-piece flow production line for high volume products has reduced average manufacturing throughput time by more than 80 percent. The separation of production into three volume-based flow lines has improved on-time deliveries across the board. A demand-pull inventory system has been another tangible improvement.

Wilson’s products fall into three general categories: mobile solutions, building applications, and machine-to-machine solutions. The company performs all its R&D, manufacturing and testing at its Utah location. With its recent process improvements, Wilson Electronics has demonstrated precisely the type of commitment to customer satisfaction that is needed in today’s competitive, modern world of manufacturing.